Caitlin Selby

Caitlin Selby

The Consummate Teacher…caring, kind and gently facilitating the best outcome

Thoughtful, reliable, organised … and genuinely nice 

Caitlin Selby has the attributes of dedication, trustworthiness and attention to detail pulsing through everything she does. Born into a family of doer’s, joiners, learners and teachers she naturally chose childcare as her first profession and excelled.

Anyone who has tried to explain anything to a 3-year-old and broker their tantrums will know that needing good communication skills is an understatement.  But having mastered that art, she was eager to expand her horizons.  An entirely people-centred profession, real estate beckoned and she answered the call.

Starting her career as a leasing officer and quickly moving into property management she was surprised to find how readily applicable her childcare skills were.  Being the mediating party by educating both tenants and landlords about their rights and responsibilities utilised her compassion, calm and patience beautifully.

A rare soul who inspires confidence and trust, it is clear why families would trust her with their children and landlords with their biggest asset.  She is one of those people that intuitively understands the gravity of that trust and honours what it requires of her.

Madly time efficient, organised and bubbly she is the calm before, during and after the storm ensuring that everything that needs doing is clearly established and then everyone involved is both heard and informed every step of the way.  

Caitlin Selby

Property Manager

02 4226 6222