James Ianni

James Ianni

The Visionary Perfectionist

Disciplined, determined, proud, the meticulous perfectionist

James Ianni is ever our determined perfectionist, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s is not enough for our James. If he is going to do anything he is going to do it right. He is our master craftsman, who treats every sale like he is painting the Sistine Chapel. Attention to detail is an understatement but what can you expect of a man who cuts his hair every two weeks and has a desk so clean you could perform surgery on it.

What is his biggest asset?

Let’s just say there is nothing like having an agent who feels that the best result for you is his personal responsibility. As the founder and leader of Ianni & Co. Property, he is driven by the purest of intentions and a deep sense of responsibility born out of a strong duty of care. A family man both at home and in the office supporting and nurturing his team is just part of who he is. With his trade mark charm and humour he rallies the team with a culture of excellence reached by collaboration.  

Ianni & Co. Property has been James’ masterpiece in the making and he has plenty of ambitious plans for the brand. With over a decade of experience in the real estate industry he brings a set of skills that were honed from the ground up covering property management, sales, new developments and business management. Not content to merely be a sales person with the title of Principal, James strives to have a hand in all aspects of the business and bring integrity to that title.

He treats every client like family and treats every property as if it were his own. No expectation you have of James could be higher than what he expects of himself and the amazing thing is he always delivers! He is our record setter and record smasher – I would tell you to ask him about it, but you may need a couple of weeks! He remembers deals he did in the schoolyard.

His incomparable commitment to his clients shows in the transparency of his dealings and is matched only by a fierce pride for the Illawarra. He has a vision for this town that will see it lit up on the world map. With his passion for new developments and exciting architectural design he is literally shaping the skyline of this town. 

Bred on the sustenance of a loving family, close community, deep faith and hearty Italian food, the core of James Ianni is a set of exceptional values.

Family man, community leader and visionary, he is a statesman in the making - and definitely one to watch.

James can be contacted on 0411 587 003.

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